We have extensive experience as a General Contractor, taking care of all aspects of a project, including the hiring and supervision of subcontractors, and obtaining construction or building permits.

We are proud of the rigorous process of Coordination of works that we have developed, managing to become not only General Contractors but also facilitators of all kinds of services around the project.

Thanks to the special attention we pay during the Construction process, GRUPO ISI has managed to stand out for the excellent quality with which each development ends.

We have the ability to execute projects with the use of various engineering applications, based on specialized technology.

We constantly innovate in processes and services to provide specific solutions, for the requirements of our clients.

Our solid support capacity in engineering and design, as well as project management and BIM modeling systems, allows us to offer authentic integral solutions, providing the client with a “Turnkey”.


We specialize in advising and building developments:


Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer innovative projects from the design specification to its complete installation, complying with the best quality and safety standards.

We provide a wide variety of products, services, and efficient solutions, covering various areas of activity, such as mechanical structures, new construction, expansion, rehabilitation, and adaptation.


We comprehensively generate the spaces that your business or company needs.

We search for spaces on land with a commercial vocation to turn them into business projects.